Administration & Governance

上海快3实时计划Learn about the people and organized bodies that carry the vision for the University of Arizona and beyond.

Formal procession

上海快3实时计划The?(ABOR) is the governing body for?Arizona's three public universities. The board consists of 12 members, including two student Regents, the ?and the Superintendent of Public Instruction.

President Robert C. Robbins

The 22nd president of the University of Arizona seeks to prepare students for their dream careers as well-educated, civically engaged leaders in our rapidly changing, technologically advanced world.

A bold and inspirational plan will define our strategic pillars and goals in an approach designed to energize and focus the entire UA community.

Provost & Deans

Liesl Folks

Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs and Provost

Shane C. Burgess

上海快3实时计划 Dean, College of Agriculture & Life Sciences

Nancy Pollock-Ellwand

Dean, College of Architecture, Planning & Landscape Architecture

Bruce Johnson

Dean, College of Education

David W. Hahn

Dean, College of Engineering

上海快3实时计划 Dean, College of Fine Arts

Andrew Carnie

上海快3实时计划 Dean, Graduate College

Terry L. Hunt

Dean, The Honors College

Alain-Philippe Durand

上海快3实时计划 Dean, College of Humanities

Marc L. Miller

Dean, James E. Rogers College of Law

Paulo Goes

上海快3实时计划 Dean, Eller College of Management

Guy L. Reed

上海快3实时计划 Dean, College of Medicine - Phoenix

上海快3实时计划 Dean, College of Medicine - Tucson

上海快3实时计划 Dean, College of Nursing

Thomas L. Koch

上海快3实时计划 Dean, College of Optical Sciences

Rick Schnellmann

Dean, College of Pharmacy

Iman Hakim

Dean, Mel and Enid Zuckerman College of Public Health

上海快3实时计划 Interim Dean, College of Science

John P. Jones III

Dean, College of Social & Behavioral Sciences

Linda Denno

Interim Dean, Arizona South

Julie Funk

上海快3实时计划 Dean, College of Veterinary Medicine

Kasey Urquidez

Dean, Admissions

Shan Sutton

Dean, University Libraries

Kendal Washington White

Dean of Students